The Perfect Holiday Gifts for Adventurous Homeschoolers

Homeschool Gift Giving Guide

The holidays are right around the corner, and if you’re shopping for a homeschooler, then you know that it can be challenging to find the perfect gift. Homeschoolers love to learn, explore, and try new things, and this Gift Guide is designed to help make your holiday shopping easy this year. Whether you are shopping for a young child, a teenager, or a family, this gift guide is chock full of ideas that will make any adventurous homeschooler happy.

So sit back and relax with your favorite cup of coffee (or cocoa!) while I help you find the perfect gifts for your adventurous homeschooler!

Plan for Adventure!

To get your adventurous homeschooler started on the right foot, consider giving them a plan for adventure. This could be anything from a new National Geographic map to a subscription to an outdoor magazine like Backpacker or Outside Magazine.

Annual Park Pass

Adventurous homeschoolers love to travel, hike, fish, and more. An excellent gift for them is a National or State Park pass. These passes will give them access to all sorts of parks and recreation areas, and it’s a great way to get outdoors and explore.

National Park Scratch Off Poster

If you opt to buy your adventurous homeschooler a National Park Pass, then this scratch-off poster is the perfect complement. This poster includes a map of all the United States National Parks, and as your child or loved one visits each park, they can scratch it off to reveal its location.

National Park Passport

In addition to the scratch-off poster, your budding adventurer can collect stamps from all the National Parks they visit in this passport. This is a great way to keep track of all the parks they’ve been to, and it makes for a fantastic scrapbook souvenir.


There’s something magical about unfolding a map and revealing the physical details of an area, compared to just inserting an address on your phone and hoping the navigation sends you to the right place. As a kid, I spent hours and hours looking at maps, plotting future hikes and road trips, and calculating travel times.  Many adventurous homeschoolers are the same way, and this is why a map (trail map, country map, state map, road map, you name it!) makes such an excellent gift.

Road Atlas

This one is for the road trippers in your life. A road atlas is a map of the United States that includes detailed information about all the highways and byways. It’s perfect for plotting out your next road trip or for finding back roads to explore on a day trip.

Outdoor Magazine Subscription

Outside Magazine and Backpacker are two excellent magazines for adventurous homeschoolers. They are packed full of information about outdoor activities, gear reviews, recipes, and more. A subscription to either (or both!) of these magazines would make an excellent gift for any homeschooler who loves the outdoors.

Letters From Afar

Another great subscription is Letters From Afar, a snail mail service that sends your adventurous homeschooler letters from all over the world. They’ll receive one letter per month with beautiful pictures and brief descriptions of famous landmarks and areas in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, North America, Australia/Oceania – you name it! This is an excellent way to show them just how big the world is and to introduce them to new cultures.

Gift Certificates Make Things Easy

Gift certificates make for a super easy, no-fail gift for adventurous homeschoolers. They can purchase anything from camping gear to hiking boots to a new fishing rod, so they are sure to find something they will love.

Local Outdoor Store

Want to give a gift that keeps on giving? Then opt for a gift certificate from your local outdoor store, whether it be REI or another one of your favorites. There’s something special about receiving this kind of gift because you know the recipient will receive lots and lots of fun goodies! Plus, these stores are filled with helpful employees who can help make recommendations if needed.

Outdoor Classes

If you know that they would love to learn more about outdoor safety and survival skills, consider giving them a gift certificate for some classes available in their area. They can take things like rock climbing lessons or swimming lessons if they want!

Photo by Davyd Bortnik from Pexels

Essential Adventure Gear

Good quality gear is a must for any adventurous homeschooler. Here are some of the pieces of gear that we can’t live without!

Day Pack

The perfect companion for any avid hiker is their very own day pack. This lightweight pack features adjustable straps to carry just what they need during their hike. 

Water Bottle

Hiking, biking, and walking are great ways to explore new areas. And what’s a better way to stay hydrated on your adventures than with a water bottle? There are so many different kinds of water bottles on the market these days, from stainless steel ones that keep your drink cold for hours to colorful options that make you happy just to look at them. YETI makes my favorite water bottles.

Hiking Boots

If your adventurous homeschooler loves to hike, then a good pair of hiking shoes is a must-have. There are so many different kinds and brands of hiking boots on the market these days, so do some research to find the perfect pair for your loved one. They’ll be glad you did!

Hiking socks

Along with a good pair of hiking shoes, a thick pair of hiking socks is essential. They’ll help keep your feet warm and dry on those long hikes, and they come in many different colors and styles to fit anyone’s personality.

Trekking Poles

Trekking poles can be a real lifesaver when hiking on uneven or rocky terrain. They help to take some of the pressure off your knees and ankles, making it easier to traverse tricky areas. If your adventurous homeschooler loves to hike, then a pair of trekking poles is a wise investment.

GPS Unit

A GPS unit is an essential piece of gear for the family that likes to explore off the beaten path. This handy device will help them find their way back to the car or trailhead no matter where they are, and it can even provide information about local points of interest.

Cooler Bag

A good cooler bag is essential for anyone who brings their food and drinks on day hikes. This insulated bag will keep everything cool until they’re ready to eat, even if it’s hours later!

Picnic Blanket

While it might seem like a small detail, an outdoor picnic blanket is an essential piece of gear for any adventurist. This lightweight but durable mat will keep them comfortable no matter where they are or what kind of terrain they’re on.

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Camping Gear

From a lantern to a tent, there are lots of items that can go into making your adventurous homeschooler’s camping trip perfect. Gift them with the things they don’t have yet so they can start exploring more!


Whether bird watching, viewing wildlife, or simply sightseeing from a distance, binoculars are an indispensable tool for the adventurous homeschooler. There are so many different kinds and styles of binoculars on the market, so take time to find the perfect pair for your loved one.


A compass is another essential gear for adventurous homeschoolers, especially if they like to hike and camp. This small tool can help them find their way in any terrain, and it’s a must-have for anyone who loves to explore.

Pocket Microscope

A pocket microscope is a perfect gift for any budding scientist. It’s a small, lightweight option that can be taken anywhere, and it provides up to 120x magnification so they can see things in detail.

Sun Hat

A sun hat is a must-have for anyone who loves to be outdoors. It helps protect their skin from the harmful rays of the sun, and it comes in many different colors and styles so you can find one that fits their personality.


A good pair of sunglasses is a must-have for any outdoor activity. They’ll help keep the sun out of your eyes and protect them from harmful UV rays.


Just as important as sunglasses and sun hat is sunscreen! Make sure to pack plenty of it when hitting the trails or beach this summer.

First Aid Kit

No matter how careful we are, accidents can happen. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a first aid kit handy at all times, and it should include items like adhesive bandages, antibiotic ointment, pain relievers, and more.

Document those Adventures!

One of the best things about being an adventurous homeschooler is getting to document all of your amazing adventures. Gift your loved ones with a camera, journal, or another item that will help them capture their memories for years to come!

Nature Journal

A nature journal is a perfect way for your adventurous homeschooler to document their outdoor adventures. They can record what they see and learn and sketches of the things they observe, and it’s a great way to keep track of all their exciting explorations!

Field Guide

A field guide is a great accompaniment to a nature journal for your adventurous homeschooler. This type of book typically contains information on a variety of different plants and animals and maps and illustrations, and it’s the perfect resource for any budding naturalist!


A camera is a great, low-maintenance way for your adventurous homeschooler to document their outdoor adventures. Gift them with a waterproof case, and they’ll be able to take pictures of everything from sea creatures to stars in the sky!

Solar Charger

A solar charger allows you to charge up your devices without the need for an electrical outlet, ensuring that your phone, GPS unit, and camera are fully charged.

Go Pro

The perfect gift for any adventurous homeschooler is a good video camera! Gift them with the latest and greatest GoPro so they can document all of their exciting adventures to share with friends and family.

We love making videos of our adventures!

Games to Keep them Entertained!

Board games and card games are a great way to make learning fun for homeschoolers. They’re also perfect for taking on family trips! Gift your adventurous homeschooler with their favorite games so they can always have something to keep them entertained.

Trekking the National Parks

When you can’t get to a National Park, there’s always the next best thing – a board game designed by a family of National Park enthusiasts!

Story Cubes

Does your adventurous homeschooler love to tell stories? Gift them with this creative game that can be played anywhere.

Phase 10

Phase 10 is a card game perfect for family trips. It’s one of our favorites and this version that comes in a handy travel tin will ensure your cards won’t get destroyed!


Uno is another great card game that’s perfect for families. Gift your adventurous homeschooler with their favorite version so they can play whenever the mood strikes them!

Playing Cards

A classic gift for any homeschooler is a deck of playing cards. They can be used for all sorts of games, including card games, solitaire, and more. Plus, they’re small and easy to pack, so they can always be taken with you wherever you go!

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Final Thoughts

No matter what you choose to gift your adventurous homeschooler, they’re sure to love it! I hope this gift guide will give you some ideas to consider. Have fun shopping and Happy Holidays!

What do you plan on giving your adventurous family and friends this holiday season? Share in the comments below!

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