Homeschooling Method: Charlotte Mason

Is this Method Right for Your Family?

If you are new to homeschooling and unfamiliar with the Charlotte Mason Method, this blog post is for you.

Homeschoolers around the world swear by this method because of its flexibility, focus on developing good habits, and encouraging creativity and real-world learning experiences.

I’ll discuss how a Charlotte Mason homeschool works, as well as some things to consider while using this method in your own home.

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What is the Charlotte Mason Homeschool Method?

The Charlotte Mason method of homeschooling was developed by Charlotte M. Mason, an educator from England in the late 19th century. She believed that students learn best through living books and real-life experiences.

It’s not a curriculum per se, but rather a homeschool lifestyle based on habits, character formation, and understanding ideas rather than facts.

Charlotte Mason’s focus was on the learner rather than on the content to be learned. Lessons are relatively short, children spend plenty of time outdoors playing and observing nature, and literature or “living books” are at the heart of this homeschooling method.

This homeschooling approach provides an opportunity for children to explore the world around them, develop their interests through curiosity and make connections between different ideas – all while being surrounded by beauty that can be found almost anywhere.

This method may be right for your family if you desire to teach your children positive habits and character while promoting curiosity and exploration.

What Are the Pros?

  • Literature-based (who doesn’t love good stories?!)
  • Oral narration allows younger kids to express their thoughts without having to struggle to write them down.
  • Short, focused lessons that enable plenty of time for play within the day
  • Daily rhythm is encouraged rather than strict structure
  • Incorporates nature study
  • Emphasis on art and creativity

What Are the Cons?

  • You’ll be reading aloud LOTS of books! Consider audiobooks to save your voice.
  • This approach requires a ton of prep time from the parent
  • Reading twaddle is highly discouraged (sorry Dog Man!)
  • Just the basics are taught with math and science
  • The methodology seems to be geared towards younger kids, and I’ve noticed that many CM homeschoolers turn to Classical Education when their kids get older.
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Final Thoughts

I hope this article has helped you to understand the Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Method better.

As homeschoolers, we have the flexibility to choose how our children learn, and, fortunately, we have many different homeschooling methods we can choose from.

The Charlotte Mason method is just one of them. It focuses on living books and real-world learning experiences, while at the heart of this homeschooling approach is the learner rather than the content they may need to learn.

What homeschooling method do you think would be best for your child? Let me know!

Xuan Klevecka is a Southern California-based homeschool mom, wife, and sometimes purveyor of vintage goods. She’s an Enneagram 5w4, a lover of good food, and a former middle school history teacher. You’ll either find her looking at road maps and daydreaming about her family’s next epic adventure or perusing recipes and cooking up a feast for the brood.




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