Engage Your Child with Primary Sources: Tips for Using History by Mail

As a homeschooling parent, finding engaging and comprehensive resources to supplement your child’s U.S. History curriculum can be challenging. It’s essential to provide materials that are not only educational but also captivating and fun for students. Enter History by Mail – an innovative subscription service that delivers captivating primary source replicas straight to your mailbox.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the exciting world of History by Mail and how it can serve as an excellent resource for homeschoolers looking to enrich their U.S. History lessons.

How to use History by Mail in your homeschool

What is History by Mail?

History by Mail is a monthly subscription service that brings history to life by sending subscribers reproductions of historical documents from American history. These carefully curated selections provide unique insights into the past while also sparking curiosity and engaging the reader. Subscribers receive a letter each month containing high-quality reproductions of primary sources and detailed background that provides context for the materials provided.

Benefits of History by Mail for Homeschoolers

There are several reasons why History by Mail is an excellent resource for homeschoolers seeking to supplement their U.S. History curriculum:

Primary Source Materials

One of the key benefits of History by Mail is its emphasis on primary source materials. The subscription service allows students to engage with history firsthand by providing reproductions of authentic historical documents. This direct exposure to primary sources fosters critical thinking skills and promotes a deeper understanding of historical events.

Context and Analysis

Each monthly packet includes a detailed explanation of the documents provided, offering valuable context and analysis. This information helps students to better understand the significance of the materials and encourages them to delve deeper into the subjects presented.

Convenience and Flexibility

The monthly subscription format of History by Mail makes it easy for homeschooling families to integrate historical materials into their existing curriculum. The service delivers engaging content directly to your doorstep, saving you time and effort searching for supplementary resources.

Encouraging Independent Learning

History by Mail is designed to inspire curiosity and independent learning. By providing a range of documents and cartoons, the service encourages students to explore history on their own terms and develop their research skills.

Fun and Engaging

The inclusion of historic cartoons in each packet makes History by Mail a fun and engaging resource for students. These visual representations of history entertain and serve as valuable teaching tools, enabling students to explore different perspectives and better understand the context of the time.

Hand holding up a replica of police report from Rosa Park's arrest.

Integrating History by Mail into Your Homeschool Curriculum

Incorporating History by Mail into your U.S. History curriculum is simple and can be tailored to suit your child’s individual needs. Some ideas include:

  • Create a timeline: Use the monthly packets to build a chronological timeline of U.S. history, adding new events and personalities as they are introduced.
  • Compare and contrast: Encourage students to compare and contrast the primary sources with History by Mail’s Historic Cartoons, analyzing how different perspectives and mediums can influence the portrayal of historical events.
  • Research projects: Utilize the documents as a starting point for in-depth research projects on specific topics, events, or individuals. Encourage your child to seek additional primary and secondary sources to expand their understanding of the subject matter.
  • Group discussions: Organize group discussions with other homeschoolers or family members, using the materials provided as a basis for conversation. This can help to develop critical thinking, communication, and debate skills.
  • Creative assignments: Encourage your child to create their own historical projects based on the materials provided. This can help them engage more deeply with the content and develop their artistic and storytelling abilities.
  • Assessments and quizzes: Use the monthly packets as a basis for assessments and quizzes, testing your child’s comprehension of the materials and their ability to analyze primary sources.

Final Thoughts

History by Mail is an excellent resource for homeschooling families looking to supplement their U.S. History curriculum with engaging, high-quality content. With its emphasis on primary sources, contextual information, and independent learning, History by Mail is sure to captivate and inspire your child while also providing an invaluable foundation for their understanding of America’s rich and complex past.

Visit History by Mail today to begin your family’s journey through history, one mailbox at a time. Your child’s U.S. History education will be all the richer for it!

I would love to know how you incorporate primary sources into your homeschool!

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