I think one of my greatest struggles with homeschooling is feeling like I’m not doing enough for my kids.⠀

We’re not spending enough time on math. ⠀

I’m not making learning enchanting enough. ⠀

We’re not spending enough time outdoors.⠀

I’m not incorporating enough hands on activities when we’re doing science.⠀

We’re not spending enough time with friends and family.⠀

I’m not devoting enough time with planning and preparing for my kids’ lessons.⠀

I know deep down that my children are doing fine and that they are learning and absorbing everything that we read, observe, and discuss. ⠀

Maybe we only school 4 days a week, maybe we don’t get to all the subjects on rotation, maybe we need a ton of breaks to make it through the day or even the week.⠀

And maybe that’s okay.⠀
Maybe it’s just enough.⠀