Homeschool Focus Days

Yesterday was our official first day of school, and per usual I changed things up again to keep things fresh and exciting. I’m all for routines and natural rhythms, but I also believe that stagnation leads to both complacency and boredom. ⠀

There are so many different ways to homeschool, and I just want to try it all, to see what fits and what works for our family dynamic. ⠀

So this year we have focus days. Monday is our looping day (History, Science, Art, & Music), Tuesday is for Math, Wednesday is for friends and Poetry Teatime, Thursday is for Language Arts, and Friday is our adventure day. We’ll try this new routine out for a few months to see how it works, and if it doesn’t we’ll just scrap it and do something different. No biggie.⠀

Have you made any changes to your homeschool this year?