Homeschooling Isn’t Always Fun

Adventure, exploration, wonder.⠀

These three themes get woven into our homeschool day as best as we can. It’s why we homeschool, so that our kids can fall in love with learning and make it a lifelong endeavor.⠀

However, I admit it doesn’t happen every day. Some days I’m too exhausted to add extra depth to our homeschooling, and it’s really hard for me to create a sense of adventure and wonder when we’re working on math. It’s obvious to the kids that my passion isn’t in that topic, and that’s alright.⠀

The ebb and flow of homeschooling is a real thing. You’ll notice the patterns after a couple months, and instead of fighting the tide, I recommend to just float along with it. ⠀

So the days where you don’t have much fun with homeschooling is okay. Some days and weeks are like that.

Just know that your creative juices will flow again, and adventure and exploration and wonder are just around the corner.⠀