It’s Hard to Establish Routines

Routines {SIGH}. To be honest, I kinda suck at establishing and sticking with them especially at the beginning of a new school year. We try to have a morning read aloud time, followed by some academics, physical fitness (usually a bike ride), and finish with some personal choice time (usually playing board games and creating YouTube videos).⠀

However, following a routine as simple as that is kinda hard to do with a toddler in tow. I don’t want to sit her in front of the TV while I work with the older kids, and I don’t want to work with the older kids when (if!) she’s taking a nap. Sure, friends have told me to give her toys to play with or have one of her siblings entertain her while I help the other, but that never seems to work out. On top of that, I have a penchant for dropping everything to go explore somewhere new with the kids, which then totally throws us off our homeschool rhythm. ⠀

This week has been a total wash for us. We’re three weeks into our new homeschool year and struggling with our routines. But that’s the thing, it’s only been a few weeks and it takes a good 6 weeks if not more to get into that homeschool groove after an extended break. I need to be more gentle with myself and be okay with the fact that we’re not on top of our game quite yet. We’ll get there eventually.⠀

Did you have an easier time settling into your homeschool routines?⠀