It’s Okay to Restart Your Homeschool Year

Overwhelmed? Want to hide under your bed?⠀

I don’t know about you, but whenever I do something new I tend to dive in head first without taking a deep breath beforehand. Never a good idea, and you’d think I’d eventually learn to slow down and take it easy when trying something unfamiliar.⠀

I remember when I first started homeschooling my eldest son, I spent a lot time and money buying all the popular homeschool curriculum and painstakingly planned out the whole year. And I just KNEW he was going to be as excited as I was!⠀

Obviously, that wasn’t the case and instead we kept butting heads those first few months of homeschooling. ⠀

What I failed to realize was that I didn’t include him on the planning. What was HE interested in? What did HE want to learn about? How best does HE learn?⠀

Luckily with homeschooling, you can press pause and restart the year over whenever you like. RESET!⠀

So I tried again, taking his input into consideration, and restarted our homeschooling with a child-led focus. And guess what? We were much happier. There was less coercion and fighting, and more time for fun, like nature study, poetry teatime, and games.⠀

So if your school year didn’t start off on the right foot (it is 2020, I wouldn’t expect less), just know that you can take a little break to reflect and refocus your homeschool. You got this!⠀

How is your school year going so far?⠀