Less is More with Homeschooling

The biggest lesson I’ve learned from 2020 is to slow down, like really slow down, and savor both the small and the special moments at home.⠀

Last year we did a lot. LEGO engineering classes, art classes, wilderness classes, Ninja Zone, play dates, fieldtrips, family visits, out-of-state wedding, Disneyland trips, vacations, and more. Needless to say, it was a fun yet completely tiring year.⠀

But the one thing we really missed doing was @poetryteatime. The little kids loved helping me prepare the table while my eldest would make a pot of tea. We always made sure we had treats available for the day and both poetry and story books picked out to read. It was our favorite time of the week, yet for some reason we dropped it last year because of all the busyness.⠀

Why we didn’t bring it back into our lives earlier this year, I’m not really sure? Perhaps it was because all of the classes we were taking went virtual, so essentially we were still busy despite being at home.⠀

So after much reflection over the summer, I decided to scale back our homeschooling and do less yet more meaningful activities. This means we’ve brought back #poetryteatime, we’re spending more time on the things we want to learn, and less time on the mundane. Life is so precious, why waste it on being busy?⠀

How has 2020 impacted your homeschool year?⠀