Homeschooling Never Goes as Planned

How’s homeschooling and distance learning going so far?

I’m sure there have been some hiccups along the way with thoughtfully planned schedules and lessons not working out, kids getting antsy & unable to sit for too long, Zoom meetings glitching, annoying WiFi issues, or Canvas crashing because of all the kids signing in at the same time.⠀

However, isn’t that normal when you really think about it? When does anything in life ever go as planned? ⠀

Honestly, we’re so lucky to be able to stay home with our kids as they learn and grow. Sure it’s hard to work from home as you teach your children or monitor their learning, but we all have the necessary tools and information at our fingertips to help us navigate through homeschooling and distance learning.⠀

But it’s not that easy for a lot of families, especially those that can’t afford WiFi or that live in an old RV parked in an industrial area or that share a house with four other families with each family to a room IF they’re lucky. ⠀
We need to show some grace to both ourselves and others as we tackle a new kind of schooling. Let mistakes happen, let us learn from them, and let us grow as humans. And for those of you that are struggling, I hope that this week will be a better one. ⠀