Post from the Past: An Awesome Subscription to Supplement Your Homeschool History Curriculum

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for ways to supplement your homeschool history curriculum. I recently came across an excellent subscription service I think you will love. It’s called Post from the Past, packed with great resources to help bring history alive for your kids. Plus, it’s super affordable and offers free shipping worldwide! Read more and see if it’s right for you and your homeschool.

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Post from the Past pinterest pin featuring a letter from Beatrix Potter surrounded by unopened letters from other historical figures.

How it works

Post from the Past is an exciting letter subscription service that connects subscribers with some of our most significant historical figures!

Each month you receive a double-sided illustrated letter plus either a photograph or news article detailing anecdotes, musings, and more from influential figures like Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, and Amelia Earhart. Post from the Past is a unique way to learn something new and enrich your knowledge!

Benefits of using Post from the Past

Post from the Past offers a unique, fun way to learn about history engagingly. Founded by a homeschool mom, Caroline understands that learning should never be boring; instead, it should be an insightful and enjoyable experience. With passionate storytelling and educational facts, Post from the Past allows readers to expand their knowledge of the past while inspiring them to impact their present positively.

A letter from Post from the Past about the Wright Brothers.

How we’ve been using Post from the Past

Post from the Past has been a great asset to our family in terms of unique experiences and education. As a former history teacher and lover of snail mail, I decided to try Post from the Past’s letter subscription about historical figures.

Every month, we look forward to receiving an envelope from the UK. We open the letter and read the contents, and then I look online for the FREE printables available on the website to help us deepen our learning.

Sometimes we will seek additional information such as documentaries, books, and more related to the letter we received.

Afterward, I keep the letters in a binder for future reference when we see the historical figure in our regular studies.

I loved this subscription so much that I went ahead and purchased the Whole Shop Collection after receiving our first couple of letters so we could have ALL the letters we missed.

To this day, we still get excited opening envelopes filled with truly fascinating content about historical figures.

A Post from the Past letter from Marie Curie surrounded by envelopes filled with letters from other historical figures.

Final Thoughts

Post from the Past is an invaluable resource for homeschoolers, as it helps to bring history to life. The FREE Funsheets and Fact Files available online help make the content even more interesting.

Through Post from the Past, I have engaged my kids in meaningful discussions about the history and its impact on the present day. This has helped them become more aware of their world and understand how we are connected through our shared histories. Using Post from the Past in our homeschool, we’ve created a learning environment that encourages students to explore beyond textbooks and uncover new knowledge.

Does Post from the Past sound like a great fit for your homeschool?

If so, subscribe today!

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