Storytime Isn’t Just for Little Kids

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Reading aloud is probably the single most important part of our homeschool day.

Not only are my children’s imagination stimulated, but reading aloud also helps them to understand our world, builds their vocabulary, improves their listening skills, encourages discussions, and prepares them for reading alone.

Plus, my kids love to snuggle up to me and listen to my voice as I read a novel. There’s pure joy and comfort in that exercise, that even my husband looks forward to our nightly read aloud time.

And no, you shouldn’t stop reading aloud when your children are teenagers. Who here listens to audiobooks and podcasts? ✋?

Back when I was a history teacher, I also had to teach remedial reading classes here and there to both middle school and high school kids, and I always began class reading a chapter from a novel. Those teens were so wrapped up and involved in the books that they loved discussing the events that happened afterwards.

Reading aloud enabled me to turn a class that students dreaded taking into one they couldn’t wait to attend.

So keep on reading aloud to your kids. It’ll probably be their best childhood memory.

We’re just finishing up the Harry Potter (affiliate) series and will probably start reading The Hobbit (affiliate) and The Lord of the Rings (affiliate) series next. What are you reading aloud to your family?