Stressed? Consider Deschooling

Our thoughts manifest through our actions and affect those within our sphere. If homeschooling or distance learning is showing itself to be challenging, then let’s take time to look within ourselves first before we focus on outlying factors.⠀

Why are we so frustrated with the process? Usually, it’s because schooling isn’t going as it should be or at least according to our expectations of what school is from years of personal experience. But in this day and age, we have to rewrite how we think about and do school, especially at home. The process of “deschooling” yourself is real and can take some time.

Some things to consider:⠀

  • We don’t have to do all the subjects every day.
  • We don’t have to sit at desks or tables or be inside to learn.
  • School work can be done in just a few hours if not less.
  • Play is a part of learning, even for the older kids.
  • Reading aloud is an amazing tool. It’s okay if that’s the only thing you do that day.
  • Zoomed out? Distance Learning doesn’t have to mimic face-to-face school. There are other alternatives that your child’s school most likely offers if you ask. Remember, you are your child’s advocate.

Once we learn to let go of preconceived perceptions of what school should be and embrace what school could be, our frustrations start to diminish and our kids start enjoying the process. ⠀

Hang in there, it gets easier.⠀