Struggling with Homeschooling?

Hang in there. Some days are just not going to go well, and that’s okay.⠀

Some days all you get done is a read aloud, and that’s okay.⠀

Some days the kids get screen time the whole entire day, and that’s okay.⠀

Some days we shut our bedroom door and binge watch T.V. while the kids fend for themselves, and that’s okay.⠀

Some days the house is a big mess and no one is in the mood to clean it, and that’s okay.⠀

Some days the lesson plan you meticulously worked on just doesn’t pan out, and that’s okay.⠀

Just because you had “some day,” it doesn’t mean homeschooling or distance learning is a complete bust. We all have off days which sometimes turn into off weeks.⠀

2020 has been a taxing year on so many folks, so be kind to yourself and let those days be what they are. In the mean time, think about what is working and you’ll be surprised to find out its more than you think.⠀

That read aloud led to hours of creative play. That screen time involved learning Vietnamese, editing a YouTube video, and creating complex worlds in Minecraft. That day you shut yourself in, the kids read books, played board games, and made themselves lunch. That big mess was a result of lots of play, science experiments, history and art projects, so it’s no wonder no one has energy to clean. And that lesson plan that didn’t work out just taught you and the kids to pivot and move in a different direction without missing a beat. ⠀

Hang in there, you’re really doing great. ?⠀