On the Fence with Homeschooling through a Charter School

As I lay in bed at 11pm attempting to plan for our school year, I realize that I’m on the fence about this whole planning thing.⁠

I’d rather just let things flow and see where my kids’ interests lead them, but we homeschool through a charter (I know we can homeschool without one, but it’s nice to have funds to purchase curriculum and classes with) and there are requirements and standards we must meet, mainly so the school can stay compliant with the ever changing laws.⁠

I wasn’t planning on covering California history yet, but it’s there in the standards. We weren’t going to tackle Physics yet, but it’s there in the standards. I wasn’t going to teach academic writing yet, but it’s there in the standards.⁠

Do I say F-it, and do as I please? I mean, that’s the whole point of homeschooling, right? Or do I go along with the requirements, but just try to squeeze them in here and there throughout our year? ⁠

Suffice it to say, my self-doubt is running rampant tonight. My bullet journal is a complete mess and I probably should have written in pencil. ⁠
⁠So…I have a loose plan for the year that will most likely change a gazillion times until I finally relinquish to my desires and just LET THE PLAN GO.⁠

Do you unschool your children or have inklings to do so like me?