That Homeschool Vibe

Can you feel it? Do you notice the change?

The morning air is a bit crisper, the sun is setting earlier and earlier, and pumpkin spice is appearing everywhere yet again. Even though the days are still warm, I’m ready for all things Fall.⠀

Just as we can sense the little changes before the start of a new season, our children are able to perceive and feed off our energy and outlook in life, even when we don’t think they’re paying much attention. They know when we’re stressed and anxious, whether it be about homeschooling, finances, or the cancelling of holidays. They know when we’re angry and try to hide it, as they catch glimpses of our micro-facial expressions or feel the tension in our voices. They can hear when we argue or cry or become silent, and that silence can feel like a slice through the heart.⠀

Our children are a part of us, and they can feel what we feel and see the world through the same colored lenses we wear.⠀

Knowing this, we need to seek a better way to make homeschooling or distance learning work for our families in order to ease both our own and everyone else’s stress and anxiety. We need to discover how to make Halloween exciting and fun this year, and maybe even start new traditions. We need to unearth a process to openly express and share our feelings with our family, and be okay if our kids are sad that we’re sad. ⠀

We need to do our best as parents and learn new ways to cope with life’s curve balls, so that we can equip our children with the necessary tools to navigate adolescence and adulthood.

I don’t know about you, but I want my kids to be able to calmly face whatever storms come their way so that they can easily solve their problems and move forward with life. So instead of dwelling on the negatives and what’s not working with our homeschooling or any other aspect in our lives, let’s be the force of positive change in our families and enjoy the limited time we have with each other.