The Homeschool Edit 7.17

  • We’re hoping that this weekend we’ll finally be able to catch a view of the comet NEOWISE. We have too much light pollution where we live to see it from our backyard, so we’ll have to head up to the hills to get a glimpse. We use the Sky Guide app to help us navigate the night sky.
  • I’ve really been enjoying reading the weekly Tea with Julie emails. Everything she writes about is so in tune with the ebb and flow of homeschooling, something only a seasoned and reflective homeschooler could accomplish. Julie Bogart is probably my #1 homeschool idol, she’s like a mentor and a dear friend that you’ve never actually met. If you haven’t read her latest book, make sure you add it to your list, check out her podcast, and follow her on Instagram. Can you tell I stan for Julie?
  • Finally, I’m obsessing over these hats and am actually in the process of getting a custom El Poche made for my oversized head.