The Homeschool Edit 8.14

  • So today, with a kind request from our homeschool charter teacher, I finally sat down and created a list of the homeschool curriculum we’re using this year.  If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve been postponing on the inevitable start of the new school year. I’m just not ready to let go of summer. If you’re like me, you should read this article titled, Action Creates Motivation. It’s my new mantra for this school year, as this whole COVID thing has made me less motivated than usual.
  • I love learning and teaching the kids about meteorology, and we noticed this afternoon that a new weather system was coming in. So we checked our weather app to see if we were correct, and we were! There’s a warm front making its way to us, which for most people isn’t that bad, but for us beach kids it’ll be in the blistering 80s. We don’t have AC, so…
  • And speaking of weather, we kinda went down a rabbit hole about the Santa Ana Winds that we get here (thankfully not during this heat wave.) In elementary school, I learned that it was named after the Mexican General Santa Anna, but that is incorrect!  What the heck. It actually derives its name from the Santa Ana Canyon in Southern California.
  • And finally, I know that the various shutdowns and regulations due to COVID-19 has affected a lot of families. Just walk down the main business drag of any town and you will see shuttered store fronts. Small, family-owned businesses are being severely impacted and we should be spending our money with them rather than big box corporations. In addition, we all need to provide for our loved ones, and blogging can be lucrative in the long haul for the most patient of us, but if you need to find a side hustle now there is this list to help you