The Homeschool Edit 8.7

  • My husband and I are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary this weekend and we have absolutely no plans. We thought about going up to the mountains, but all the decent cabins and campsites seem to be booked. So, we’ll most likely just chill out at home with the kids, fire up the grill, catch the meteor shower, and watch Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (we just finished the book as part of our nightly read aloud). Oh, and I bought this SpaceTime Coordinates print to commemorate our wedding day, which is about as romantic as I’ll ever get.
  • The new school year either has already started for your family or, if you’re like me, will be starting in the next month or so (I’m old school and will wait for after Labor Day). If you are in need of more homeschool curriculum ideas for your kids check out this blog post I wrote a couple months ago to help you get started or if you are looking for reading resources for your struggling child, I recommend this guest post by Sarah D.
  • Mary Wilson from Celebrate a Book recently wrote a blog post about homeschool freedoms we parents often forget. I feel like printing it out and posting it somewhere I’ll often see so I won’t forget. It’s so easy to get caught up on what you should be doing rather than on what you could be doing.
  • Talking about Beast Academy, I plan on getting this puzzle book for my eldest son.