The Homeschool Edit 5.29

This week has been something else.

What am I talking about, this WHOLE YEAR has been a doozy.

And I literally have no words to share. I’ve been sitting here for more than an hour going over and over the tragic events in the news, the insane responses on social media (which I’m sure many are professional trolls or bots), and trying to articulate the thoughts in my head to no avail.

There are better writers out there than me.

So, instead, all I have for you is my weekly edit:

1. So much is going on in our world today, and the best way to enact fundamental change is to start at home. READ this book with your kids, and for teens, I highly recommend this one as well. If you’re on Instagram, you should definitely follow HereWeeRead.

2. Listen to Julie Bogart’s latest podcast in response to Harvard Magazine’s controversial article about the risks of homeschooling.

3. Space X and NASA will be launching The Dragon Spacecraft with two astronauts this weekend! The flight was already scrubbed once, and has been rescheduled for Saturday at 3:22pm EDT. Make sure you watch it stream live on Youtube before the launch actually happens to catch all the preflight procedures. Plus, what kid doesn’t love a countdown?!

4. The county we live in is one of the first in Southern California to start opening up restaurants for dining in. Which means we’ve had a massive influx of visitors from down south, so we’ve decided to hole up at home for a bit longer. While we wait for the crowds to dissipate, we’ve been binge watching this cooking channel on Youtube.

5. And we’ve been playing this game and loving it.