Homeschooling Method: Unit Study

Is this Method Right for Your Family?

Unit Studies are a great educational approach to homeschooling because they incorporate multiple subject areas into one thematic topic. 

In this article, we’ll discuss what the Unit Study method of homeschooling entails, the pros and cons of it, and resources to help you begin.

First off, let’s get started by understanding the basics of unit studies.

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What is the Unit Study Method of Homeschooling?

The Unit Study homeschool method is a pedagogy used by homeschool parents who want their children to learn deeply rather than merely memorize information. 

Unit studies take a topic and integrate lessons from different disciplines – such as math, science, history, language arts, and so on — into one cohesive project.

This method of homeschooling is an excellent way for students to study and learn what they are interested in. Parents can take any topic that fascinates their kids and create a comprehensive unit study covering a variety of subjects with multi-modal learning approaches, hands-on activities, field trips, and more.

An added benefit of homeschooling using the unit study method is that subjects are not limited to learning at home. Students and parents can visit museums, historic sites, and libraries to enhance their studies. 

This method may be right for your family if you desire a fun and creative way to incorporate a variety of subjects into one unit of study.

What Are the Pros?

  • An excellent option for those with multiple children (less work on your part!)
  • Incorporates multiple learning modalities
  • Encourages children to research their topics of interest
  • Shows the interconnectedness of subjects and ideas
  • Lots of free and paid ready-made resources to utilize when planning a unit (no need to reinvent the wheel!)
  • Field trips are an essential part of unit studies
  • Very affordable method of homeschooling
  • Can use notebooks and lapbooks as a sort of creative portfolio
  • Depending on the theme, units tend to be short, focused studies of about 3-6 weeks.

What Are the Cons?

  • It can take a lot of advanced research and planning on your part
  • Not every unit will seamlessly cover all subject areas
  • Because of the above, knowledge gaps can occur if not supplemented properly
  • Not a great fit for families that seek more structure and well-defined routines


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Final Thoughts

Unit studies are a great way to get your children excited about learning and exploring new topics. 

And, because they integrate different subject areas into one thematic topic, you can be confident that the information learned will not only stick but also lead to more curiosity for other subjects down the line! 

If this sounds like an exciting approach for your homeschooling journey, let me know!

And if you’re interested in learning about other homeschooling approaches, don’t forget to check out my blog post, 10 Different Homeschooling Methods You Need to Know.

What homeschooling method do you think would be best for your child? Let me know!

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