Welcoming Fall

Happy Autumnal Equinox! Where day and night are roughly equal, and the sun begins to set in the south. Birds will take off to follow the path of our star, while the limited sunlight will activate a most wondrous change in the leaves of deciduous trees.⠀

We’ll celebrate the new season enjoying the great outdoors, collecting leaves and acorns, eyeing the sky for passing birds, and eating second breakfast and elevenses in honor of Hobbit Day.⠀

Our days will continue at our slow and steady pace with the holidays celebrated a little differently from years past. We’ll create new traditions, cherish our good health, and embrace our time with family.⠀

I asked my kids what they wanted to be for Halloween this year and they chose costumes we already had on hand. What exactly we’ll do? Who knows, but I do know that we’ll be together to enjoy the evening.⠀

And I haven’t even thought about Thanksgiving yet, because, you know, 2020.⠀

How are you celebrating the new season?⠀